After Rain (1930 körül)

Elza Honti Pariss (1887 - ?)



32 x 50 cm


Pastel on paper.


6,000 USD


Signed bottom left: H. Pariss Elza


Presumably exhibited: 

  • 128. 4th representative exhibition of the Munkácsy Guild with a lottery. National Salon, Budapest, April 1932 (lot 159 After rain)


128. The Munkácsy Guild's 4th representative exhibition with a prize draw

1932. április

Ernst Múzeum



She learned painting first from her brother, Nándor Honti, a well-known painter who later lived in New York, and then from József Antal. Her first exhibition was at the Szinnyei-Merse Society in 1928. In 1929, she exhibited at the Spring Exhibition of the National Salon, in 1930 at the UME (Union of New Artists) and at the exhibition of the Munkácsi Guild. Several of her series of drawings were published, such as her poetic fairy tale and illustrations entitled The Adventures of Fable, Lily and William, published in the Children's Supplement of the Newspaper in 1928-1929. 


Elza Pariss captures the moment in her pastel when, after the rain, the landscape is gradually covered by a sparkling light that is almost beyond the ground. Thus, like the winding road, she is able to capture the passage of time through this phenomenon. Pariss is able to create an almost wadded surface with the pastel, enhancing the wet feeling after the rain.

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