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Lady in polka dot robe (1932)

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35,000 USD

Tihany (1934)

Gyula Marosán

45,000 USD

Girl with a vase (1927)

Gyula Hincz

2,800 USD

Easter sprinkling (1935)

Elek Győri

12,000 USD


Post-War Abstraction

(1948 - 1980)



The presence of the avant-garde - and abstract art within it - in Hungary was met with conservative aversion from the beginning, and it was a f

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Art Nouveau

(1901 - 1921)

Art Nouveau


Jugendstil (’youthful style’) in German, Secession in Austrian. For Italians, Stile Floreale (‘floral style’), but the name Stile Liber

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Artwork of the Month

Taj Mahal (1940)

Ferenc Zajti

Although painting accompanied him throughout his life, he considered the research of the origins of the Hungarian people to be his defining task. Zajti was the chief represe...

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