Ödön Miklósi-Mutschenbacher

1881 - 1942


Ödön Miklósi-Mutschenbacher studied at the Design School in Budapest, then continued his education at the College of Applied Arts and in 1907–1908 at the College of Fine Arts. His masters were Tivadar Zemplényi and Zsigmond Vajda. He worked in Szekszárd, taking pictures in a naturalistic style using oil and pastel techniques. He has also exhibited in the National Salon and Art Gallery since 1905. His caricatures have appeared in numerous newspapers across the country. During World War I, he worked in Italy and then the Netherlands. He returned to Hungary in 1922. His work also proved to be significant in portrait painting: he painted portraits of several members of the royal family, Minister József Vass, Secretary of State for Home Affairs Sándor Sztranyavszky and Ferenc Chorin Sr. In addition to domestic exhibitions, his paintings were also shown abroad in Munich, Hanover, Florence and the Netherlands.

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Ödön Miklósi-Mutschenbacher