Vera Freund

1924 - 2012


Freund Vera (Veronique Freund) was a Hungarian-French artist, a member of the Jaschik School and OMIKE between 1935 and 1937. In 1944, she appeared in the OMIKE group exhibition with two pictures, in which she exhibited together with Imre Ámos at the Keleti Károly Street Women's Association. At that time he was still engaged in figural painting.


In 1947 she moved to Paris. Her work is likened to the oeuvre of Vieira Da Silva in galleries in Paris. In Paris, she was associated with many local artists whose studios she used, as well as visiting the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg.


Her works are characterized by various technical experiments, impulsive gestures, and paintings rich in shades and varied lines, textures and depths. Her compositions are on the border of abstract and figurative art. A common element in the monochrome palette of its early years was the color blue, which it enriched with ocher, red, and black in later years. She was interested in light-shadow relationships, internal emotional struggles that could be visualized through abstraction.


Her activities in France can be traced to the La Galier du Haut-Pavé (founded in 1952 and where, among others, Matisse was exhibited) in the 1950s, the Zunini in the 1970s and the Paris Visual Center in 1986 at an art exhibition.

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