Elza Honti Pariss

1887 - ?


Her name appears in the press in several ways: Honti Pariss Elza, Parizs Elza, Pariss Elza. She was a student of the Free School of Fine Arts. At the first exhibition of the school in 1918 she presented an applied art object. She was  a frequent participant in exhibitions in Budapest, mainly with landscapes.from the second half of the twenties for a decade. She was a member of the UME from 1930, and in 1931, she exhibited at the first exhibition of Creative Women Artists. Her youth novel Picu a vurstliban ('Picu at the funfair'), which she wrote with Klára Benes, was awarded second place in the Athaneum competition in 1932.

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After Rain (1930 körül)

Elza Honti Pariss

6,000 USD

Valley with Houses (1929)

Elza Honti Pariss

2,000 USD