Composition (1973)

Attila Joláthy (1929 - 1998)



60 x 90 cm


Oil on canvas.


3,400,000 HUF


Signed bottom right: Joláthy 73




Attila Joláthy's works from the seventies belong to the soft era of the artist, in which he edited curved shapes, direct colors, waves returning to themselves and stretching the frame of the canvas, thin and thick lines, which can refer to both sound waves and paths. 


His artwork, Composition (1973) is both tense and harmonious, as the warm-colored moving waveform collides with the decidedly tense ice-blue background. Through its engineering precision, its linear perspectives create a sense of space. At the end of the decade, Joláthy changed his world of curved shapes into square shapes. He turned from a two-dimensional plane to three-dimensional image editing.

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