Lajos Vajda

1908 - 1941


He was a student of István Csók at the Academy of Fine Arts, and also belonged to Lajos Kassák's Work Circle.
Hungarian art history clearly regards Lajos Vajda as one of the leading figures of modern Hungarian art. According to art historian Lajos Németh, "Vajda's oeuvre is the most lasting artistic act of the Hungarian avant-garde".


Between 1930 and 1934, Vajda lived in Paris, where he got to know the works of Russian cinema in addition to surrealism. This thing influenced his photo montages.


From 1934, he collected folk art motifs in Szentendre and Szigetmonostor and created works from them, mixing Orthodox Christian, Roman Catholic and Jewish symbols with abstract and surrealist elements.

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Lajos Vajda

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Lajos Vajda