Kálmán Tichy

1888 - 1968


Kálmán Tichy was a painter, graphic artist and writer. He was the younger brother of the painter Gyula Tichy. In 1906, he attended Simon Hollósy's free school in Munich, then between 1907 and 1911, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest, where he was taught by Viktor Olgyai. Tichy's first graphics were exhibited when he was still in college.

He worked as an editor, published significantly in newspapers and written several independent books, for example the volume The Four Seasons, which was published in 1927 with his own illustrations. Between the two world wars, he participated in the artistic life of the Highlands: in 1930, he was the director of the Rozsnyó City Museum. He also engaged in ethnographic research and collection, and his material is preserved in the database of the Ethnographic Museum in Hungary.

Between 1910 and 1945, as a member of KÉVE (Association of Hungarian Fine Artists and Fine Arts Artists), he created many artworks. After 1945, he settled in Budapest. His art nouveau graphic works are significant. He published a series of linoleum engravings entitled Tales of a Shower Bottle, his painting The Siege of the Rooster-legged Castle became the property of the Bratislava Museum, and his colorful aquatint works can be found in the Museum of Fine Arts.

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Kálmán Tichy

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Kálmán Tichy

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Kálmán Tichy

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