Viktor Erdei

1879 - 1945


Viktor Erdei (Epstein; 1879–1945) was a Jewish-Hungarian painter, graphic artist and sculptor. His master was Simon Hollósy, painter who is considered one of the greatest Hungarian representatives of the 19th century Naturalism and Realism, founder of the Nagybánya Artists’ Colony which was the cradle of modern Hungarian painting. Erdei was member of the Nagybánya circle. He also studied in Munich and Paris. Since 1924 lived in Nagyszőlős (now in Ukraine, Виноградів) and studied the customs and traditions of the local Jewish community. He organized an exhibition of his related drawings in Budapest in 1934. Erdei survived the Holocaust in the Ghetto of Budapest, but a few months after the liberation died in March, 1945.

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Viktor Erdei