Featured this week

Károly Boulevard (1909)

1,600,000 HUF

Artúr Lakatos

Toucans (1921-1923)

4,000,000 HUF

Ferenc Révész - Ferryman

Cavalryman (1831)

3,200,000 HUF

Unknown artist

Still life (Around 1960)

2,000,000 HUF

István Pekáry


Art Nouveau

(1901 - 1921)

Art Nouveau


Jugendstil (’youthful style’) in German, Secession in Austrian. For Italians, Stile Floreale (‘floral style’), but the name Stile Liber

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Post-War Abstraction

(1948 - 1980)



The presence of the avant-garde - and abstract art within it - in Hungary was met with conservative aversion from the beginning, and it was a f

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Artwork of the Month

New York rooftop (1935)

Jolán Gross-Bettelheim


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November Gallery

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