Winter landscape (1965)

Viola Berki (1932 - 2001)



60 x 50 cm.


Oil on canvas.


20,000 USD


Signed bottom right: Berki Viola


After graduating from college, Viola Berki moved to Szentendre, and gradually found her own voice in this inspiring environment, emerging from her artistic crisis. "I realised that painting is not an example of numbers, I realised that the modern image is freedom. I realised that things, forms and rules follow from each other. [...] Without realising it, I turned in the direction that had always been the most exciting for me. That is, history and the Eastern world I imagined. One theme followed another. Things that I never thought could be expressed in the language of painting. I overcame a lot of fears at once. Fear of the accusation of literality and the learned laws of perspective." Her independent style emerged around 1962, with folk art as its main inspiration. Her decorative landscapes, her magnificent trees, her small animals sitting and pacing, depict an imaginary world.


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