Ferenc Lehel

1885 - 1975


Painter, art writer. He studied at the Mintarajziskola in Budapest, then studied art at the free school in Nagybánya in 1904-1906. He returned to Nagybánya, between 1908-1914, in the group of those outside the school, and cultivated good friendships with Jenő Maticska and Béla Czóbel. He was featured in several exhibitions in Budapest before the First World War. He stopped painting in 1921. He lived in Paris for a short time from 1924. He lived in Munich from 1935, then from 1939 in Italy, Brazil and London. As an art writer, he is the author of several modern art writings. From 1934 to 1937, his own journal National Art, was published. He was one of the discoverers and the first monographer of the painting of Kosztka Csontváry Tivadar and Lajos Gulácsy.

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In the room (1906)

Ferenc Lehel