Piroska Futásfalvi Márton

1899 - 1996


Piroska Futásfalvi Márton is one of the most important women painters of the Hungarian modernism.


She was a student of Lajos Deák-Ébner and then István Csók at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest. In the summer between 1922-24, she worked at the artist colony in Pécs, then in 1925 he painted at the artist colony in Nagybánya. In 1928, she went on a study trip to Germany with her husband, the graphic artist Nándor Nagy, and the painter Angéla Szuly. She often worked in Transylvania. In 1931, she took part in the founding of the New Group of the Hungarian Women's Art Association, and then became a member of the New Eight, a group of female modernist painters.


In 2002, the Ernst Museum organized a memorial exhibition for her.

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Piroska Futásfalvi Márton