Artúr Podolini-Volkmann

1891 - 1943


Artúr Podolini-Volkmann studied at the free school in Nagybánya from Károly Ferenczy. He was on a study trip in Italy and Germany. From 1911, he exhibited in the National Salon and the Art House. In the 1920s, he ran a progressive art school in Budapest, where important painters such as Victor Vasarely, Zoltán Borbereki-Kovács, István Dési Huber, László Káldor, Sándor Trauner, Dezső Korniss, Andor Sugár visited. He organized his collective exhibition in 1920 at the National Salon, and in 1923 at the Helikon. At the beginning of the 1930s, he lived in New York, then settled in South Africa, in Pretoria, where he first taught at a School of Applied Arts, and then founded an independent school there as well.


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