Zoltán Remsey

1893 - 1925


Zoltán Remsey was a self-taught painter. He created stylized paintings with a strong contour, striving for fresco-like monumentality. He was a student of the free school in Nagybánya in 1911, and was a member of the Gödöllő art nouveau artists' colony and the Association of Spiritual Artists. He exhibited in Munich in 1914, then at Művészház in Hungary and in the KÉVE (Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists) salon: He participated in a collection exhibition in 1923 at the Helikon and in 1924 in the National Salon. He also created tapestries. His works can be found in the Hungarian National Gallery, the Kiscelli Museum and the Balassagyarmat Museum.

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Zoltán Remsey

6,000 USD