Mara Omara Oláh

1945 - 2020


Oláh Mara, known as Omara, is one of the most significant contemporary Roma painters of today. Her works can be found not only in the most important Hungarian collections (Ludwig Museum) and exhibition halls (Műcsarnok). She was featured in the Roma Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2007 and among the exhibitors at Documenta 15 RomaMoMA in 2022.


Omara is a self-taught artist. Her artistic work is based on the representation of her subjective reality, sometimes supplemented by a textual narrative. Although she primarily narrates to herself, because of her Roma origin, her paintings involuntarily raise sociological questions that speak to the whole society.


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The Abandoned (1999)

Mara Omara Oláh

9,000 USD