Árpád Bardócz

1882 - 1938


He completed his studies at the Budapest School of Applied Arts, his masters were Sándor Prenosil and Henrik Pap. During the Hungarian Soviet Republic, he created posters and newspaper drawings. In the same year, and then in 1924 and 1932, he organized collection exhibitions at the National Salon. During his trip to Egypt in 1933-34, he painted a fresco in the royal hall of the Al-Moassat Hospital in Alexandria. He won several domestic and foreign awards. He was the president of the Hungarian Literary and Art Association and a member of the Munkácsy Guild. Several of his works are in the collection of the Hungarian National Gallery.

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Portrait of King Fuad I for "Al-Muassat" hospital mural, Alexandria, Egypt (1933)

Árpád Bardócz

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