Kis Sarolta Komáromi Kacz Endréné

1883 - 1954


Her teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts was Antal Neogrády, and it was through him that she decided on watercolor painting. She painted landscapes, children's still lifes, flower still lifes. Her genre picture "Breakfast" is a typical piece of the series of children's portraits, which depict her little girl in different situations and environments. The watercolor "Where is Chile", the figure of a little girl browsing the globe, and "Blue bird" are from her series of life portraits, a girl child playing in a cozy interior with muted fiery colors. Her painting "Interieur" won the capital's prize.

Among the paintings of Endréné Komáromi Kacz, her flower still lifes are particularly well-known among the public. She won the Eszterházy prize twice with her flower still lifes, "Tranquility" and "25th Psalm". 

Purple is the favorite color of Endréné Komáromi Kacz, and this color dominates her still lifes. She uses the color purple in many shades in her flower still lifes, not only does she like to paint purple flowers, but she also prefers the color pale purple as a background. The fresh, meadow yellow color spots of the bouquet of flowers pinned to the vase of his flower still life entitled "Spring" are highlighted by the pale purple background. Likewise, the artist's favorite colors, purple and white, dominate the still life of the asters entitled "October".

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