Ervin Bossányi

1891 - 1975


Between 1905 and 1910, he was a student of the National Hungarian Royal School of Applied Arts, teacher: Ignác Ujváry. He receives the state scholarship, thanks to which he enrolls in the Julian Academy in 1910, where he is taught by Jean Paul Laurens. The following year, he will tour the Camden Art School in London and then Rome.


He is a soldier in World War I, then becoming prisoner of war in Brieuc, together with his friend the painter Imre Szobotka. He returned home to Hungary in 1919, then emigrated to Lübeck, where he worked on fresco and furniture designs, wall hangings, and decorative tasks. He is engaged in a wide range of activities from sculpture to textile art. Between 1929-1934 in Hamburg, he performed decorative tasks in public buildings in the fields of ceramics, wall and glass painting, with which he gained great recognition. He settled in England in 1934, where he initially designed glass windows. He has been working as a painter since 1965. His early paintings show the influence of Hindu art. His mural works are characterized by stylized plant and animal motifs. His late paintings are dominated by decorative abstract pursuits.

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Ervin Bossányi

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