Gyula Tichy

1879 - 1920


Gyula Tichy (Rimaszombat, August 28, 1879 - Rožňava, June 20, 1920) painter, graphic artist, brother of painter Kálmán Tichy. Tichy was an outstanding master of Hungarian Art Nouveau art.

In 1897 he graduated from the Lutheran grammar school in Rozsnyo. He graduated as a mechanical engineer, but left his studies for medical reasons after the first semester. He enrolled in the Design School in Budapest, where his masters were Bertalan Székely and László Gyulay. After that he continued his education at the private school of Simon Hollósy in Munich, then he worked at the painting school in Nagybánya. He went on study trips to Venice and Dalmatia.


From 1904 he taught at the Evangelical Grammar School in Fasori and from 1909 at the Lutheran Grammar School in Rozsnyo. As a member of KÉVE, we regularly exhibited at their exhibitions.


He has published several books, published graphic albums (the best known of which is Tales of an Ink Bottle, 1909), and published drawings in the journal Móka. In 1908 and 1909, he took part in a folk art collection in Feled for two summers, on behalf of the Society for Applied Arts.


From 1914, on the basis of the fine arts, he was pushed into the background in his life, mainly in his science-fiction novel The Prisoners of Mars and his Dictionary of Autobiography. he worked on his memoir.


The tomb in the Rozsnyo cemetery was designed by his younger brother, Kálmán.

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