Featured this week

The Abandoned (1999)

Mara Omara Oláh

3,150,000 HUF

Male nude (1911)

Bertalan Pór

2,800,000 HUF

Francis II Rákoczi (1910 körül)

Gyula Tichy

7,000,000 HUF

Tihany (1934)

Gyula Marosán

17,500,000 HUF


Art Nouveau

(1901 - 1921)

Art Nouveau


Jugendstil (’youthful style’) in German, Secession in Austrian. For Italians, Stile Floreale (‘floral style’), but the name Stile Liber

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Post-War Abstraction

(1948 - 1980)



The presence of the avant-garde - and abstract art within it - in Hungary was met with conservative aversion from the beginning, and it was a f

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Artwork of the Month

Parisian fruit seller girl (1931)

Klára Schossberger

In the 19th century, the Schossberger family were one of the richest merchants in Pest, and they built the Turai Castle, which was completed in 1883 and was known as the "Li...

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