Featured this week

Goose shepherd boy (1912)

7,200,000 HUF

Mária Lehel

Purple Castle (1910)

24,000,000 HUF

Gitta Gyenes

Sicily (1937)

10,000,000 HUF

Andor Sugár

Composition (1972)

16,000,000 HUF

Kamill Major


Art Nouveau

(1901 - 1921)

Art Nouveau


Jugendstil (’youthful style’) in German, Secession in Austrian. For Italians, Stile Floreale (‘floral style’), but the name Stile Liber

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Pre-War Figurative Art

(1922 - 1950)

Pre-War Figurative Art


The term has been particularly used since the arrival of abstract art to refer to artists that retain aspects of the real world as their subject mat

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Art of the Month

Composition (1973)

Attila Joláthy

Attila Joláthy's works from the seventies belong to the soft era of the artist, in which he edited curved shapes, direct colors, waves returning to themselves and stre...

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