Male nude (1911)

Bertalan Pór (1880 - 1964)



39 x 27 cm


Coal on paper.


8,000 USD


Signed bottom right: Dr. Ciaclan Virglin úrnak szeretettel Pór Bertalan 1911 június hó 2án


Dr. Ciaclan Virgil


The year 1911 is an important date for Pór's career and the history of modernism in Hungary. It was then that Pór organized his first collection exhibition in Könyves Kálmán Műintézet, and as a member of the Eight, he participated in the group's second exhibition at the National Salon. In addition, he also created his first fresco for the Folk Opera this year.


The nude is probably a charcoal study of the painting Hegyibészéd, also painted in 1911, which Pór dedicated to Dr. Ciaclan Virgil. Pór also offered him one of the oil sketches of the aforementioned work.


Dr. Ciaclan Virgil was an art collector from Budapest and Nagyvárad, who maintained a very good relationship with the Eight group. In addition to Pór, he was a friend of Berény, the Beck brothers, but above all of Tihanyi, with whom he exchanged letters for twenty years, albeit intermittently. The most beautiful memory of this friendship is the portrait that Tihanyi painted of Diacian Virgil in 1914. He had a large and valuable collection of contemporary art, but there is no record of what it specifically contained.

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